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New Covent Garden Market

CBRE and the New Covent Garden Market Authority came to us with a project for their client New Covent Garden Market Authority, London’s original and finest wholesale fresh produce market.

NCGM wanted their existing brand applied to a marketing brochure, external banners and an email campaign which would be used to promote Phase 1 unit availability, specification and location.


We were provided with some of the previously created collateral along with NCGMs brand guidelines which we would need to adhere to, to maintain consistency across all client touchpoints.


Using the content provided by our client, we created a logical, clear and on-brand 4-page brochure which highlighted the heritage of the site, excellent facilities and ideal location. We provided the client with a couple of front cover variations to feedback on. From the initial designs, we worked with the client to make small adjustments to ensure a great end product.

The external banners used high-quality photography of the indicative produce to create eye-catching messaging which would be relevant today and in 5-years time.

Finally, we produced an HTML email which would be used to funnel targeted clients towards the existing NCGM website for further information.


NCGM has an international reputation and as such, the brochure needed to be translated into six additional languages. We worked with our friends at Clarity Translation, to ensure the translated versions were produced accurately with a quick turn-around.

- A four-page marketing brochure
- An external promotional banner
- A series of HTML Emails
- Letting Signage into multiple languages for distribution

The client was very pleased with the results we produced and we look forward to a continuing relationship with both CBRE and NCHM Authority on future projects.

Translation of brochure and HTML emails into languages for distribution