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MCS Group

MCS Group are a dynamic construction business that deliver large scale, complex projects for a variety of sectors.

Meeting with 5874 at a networking event, MCS Group expressed their concerns with their existing agency not delivering what they had hoped. As an experienced digital agency with a vast array of property knowledge and a large portfolio of property-centric sites, 5874 were quick to offer our services.

MCS Group wanted a new site that was fully responsive and more in keeping with their growth and positioning in the industry. They wanted to be able to easily update and manage the site themselves in-house.


Delivery: of project in an efficient and timely manner

Responsive: website build with interactive elements

Support: throughout the whole process and ongoing


Our team produced a design that was in line with MCS Group’s goals and then began work on the site after agreeing budgets. Interactive elements were put in place to create a user experience that meant they were more involved with the process, having to actively engage with certain elements of the site.

A CMS (WordPress) integration was also put in place to allow for fast and simple management of projects, so that MCS Group could easily be able to update and maintain certain aspects of the site themselves.

To make the site even more engaging to users, an integration with live webcams provides visitors with real-time and historical video feeds of their construction projects - all of this being fully responsive for all screen sizes and devices.


- Fully-responsive website
- Interactive, engaging user-experience created
- CMS integration that can easily be managed in-house
- Ongoing support for any website and security updates