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Johnson Fellows

Johnson Fellows are commercial property consultants who provide property advice across the UK.

Johnson Fellows came to 5874 looking for a new website that was a total refresh of their current offering.

They wanted to improve the user experience of the website with a website that functioned well on the front end, while also improving the way they see data in the back end. They also wanted the site to clearly showcase properties and their availability.

Historical data was also really important, so it needed to be retained so that the Johnson Fellows team could thoroughly interrogate the data and user interactions, enabling delivery of enquiries and reporting functionality across the site.


Delivery: of project in an efficient and timely manner

Migration: of all historical data to ensure nothing was lost in the system update

UX: improvements to be made across the site


A fully responsive site with an intuitive and easy to use front end was built. An integration with CMS (WordPress) allows for easy content management, including the properties and adding associated details and images. An integration with Zoopla also allows for automatic publishing of individual properties.

An easy-to-use backend was also created so that property enquiries, user actions and any offline interactions, are logged and can easily be managed by the Johnson Fellows team. This data can then be used for geographical marketing, gaging the need for various property types, in which areas and at what price.

We were also engaged to photograph the entire team for their bios, as well as team shots for the website. This all helped complete the professional look and feel of the site. Hosting was also updated to give faster response times and reliability, in addition to backups and redundancy.

Once the site was built, we held formal training sessions with the key team members and admin team.


- Fully-responsive website
- Improved user experience and site functionality
- CMS integration that can easily be managed in-house
- Ongoing support for any website and security updates
- Increase in traffic and reporting