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The largest available warehouse in the UK needed a brand identity to match its size and potential.

Due to Toys R Us vacating, the site would be going to market and offered a unique opportunity as a national distribution centre and logistics hub with over 666,000 sq ft in available space.


The client felt that in order to market the site, they needed a brand which could compete on an international scale. The current brand lacked the boldness and distinction to communicate the sites offer.

The client wanted to update the logo mark, colour palette and brand assets to present a more striking identity which would distinguish Goliath from its competitors and project the value of the site.


We follow a process of research, ideation, concept, client feedback, followed by conducting research on the client’s target audience and market space.

From here, we generate a wide range of ideas and potential directions.

Finally, we developed three of the strongest concepts and presented these to the client for feedback. We revise the chosen concept based on client feedback until they’re happy.

The client wanted to update the existing design rather than explore a completely new concept. The challenge was in adapting the original design enough to give it a fresh, bold new identity aligned with the Goliath’s offer.

We stripped the original logo back to its basic elements and used our research to build the design back up with a fresh perspective which would communicate the sites unique value.


- A twelve-page marketing brochure
- A one-page website / Data Room
- An series of HTML Emails
- A Virtual Tour
- Front footage / Presentation Video

The new brand uses a solid and angular logo mark and typeface which reflects the physical space and the boldness and opportunity the site offers. A minimal yellow and deep blue colour palette coupled with a geometric pattern presents a striking and unique identity for a striking and unique site.