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Focus Solutions

Focus Solutions create software tools that provide advice, business automation, CRM, T&C and financial planning solutions for financial advisers.

Focus Solutions’ website was entirely hard coded with no CMS, which meant that the marketing team were unable to update the site themselves and had to call on the IT department for every change they wanted to make. The process was slow and labour intensive, and they were in need of an update which would help them make future changes much more efficiently and post industry news in a timely manner so that it was still current.


• CMS: easy to manage and edit
• Support: training on how to use the new system
• Time: project to be completed in a timely manner


Focus Solutions came to 5874 for the integration of an easy-to-use backend that would allow them to make changes effortlessly themselves. The solution was simple, set them up on WordPress due to its manageable user interface that makes updates much easier and quicker to do. During the re-platform to WordPress, we also moved the client’s blog over from Medium to a URL under their website so they could actually start reaping the SEO benefits of their posts.

The development process took roughly 6 weeks in total and the new site is exactly what the client wanted.


- Fully-responsive website
- Improved user interface through move to WordPress
- Support and training