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Why you should spend more on your commercial property photography

If you work in property, then you should already know how important good photography is for your business. It’s perhaps one of the most important marketing investments you will make, as it will lay the foundations for your whole project and all promotional material produced. Photos are the instigators of attention – they are what will initially pull in investors, partners, buyers and clients. They’re what set you apart, and they help tell your story. It might seem obvious when we say you shouldn’t scrimp on photography, but a lot of people still refuse to put in the right investment, which will inevitably mean a much lower ROI.

There are many reasons why great photography, is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Having great images and video for all your marketing materials will ensure quality all round. A picture taken on your iPhone is probably not going to look good blown up on a billboard. You have to be realistic with your photography budget. A great and experienced photographer is not going to be cheap, but the price will be worth it in the end when you have some incredible aerial shots of your building that really emphasise scale and location.

Great photos will not only initially draw people in, but they’ll also be a good indicator for the quality of your work. You don’t want to come across as a commercial property business who doesn’t mind doing something by halves, so long as it’s cheap. It reflects badly on the business and will make you completely obsolete amongst the other businesses who value their properties. After all, you should be proud of your work enough to show it off in the best way possible.

Still images are obviously the perfect choice for being able to present them both offline and online, but another brilliant piece of sharable content is video. Movement amongst a sea of still imagery brings in a new dimension for the consumer. Different angles, internal and external shots will give a much clearer insight in to the buildings. Drone footage is possibly the best investment you can make from this point on as it will provide for first-rate aerial footage that is smooth and has a large range.

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