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Why print is still relevant in Commercial Property Marketing

Despite the digital environment we surround ourselves with, some things will always remain constant. Despite the decline in printed marketing materials, it still very much a relevant method of targeting current and potential customers, particularly in commercial property marketing where purchasing/leasing the product can be a big commitment.

The Physical Touch

There are lots of questions that surround the decision-making process in commercial property, so it’s important all your marketing materials provide all the relevant information. In the digital world, you can access all the information online, or by chatting with the agents, but here at 5874, our experience in commercial property marketing tells us that people love to have something to walk away with, perhaps scribble notes on or pass to a colleague for an opinion. That printed copy also serves as a solid visual reminder of the ‘bricks and mortar’ – something that is physical and tangible that they can interact with whenever they want.


We are so used to absorbing so much information digitally, that print has become the ‘something different’ to make your brand stand out. The excessive amount of marketing that happens online has also created a distrust of the internet where as businesses, we are constantly fighting the junk folder and trying to boost our click rates. With printed materials, you reinforce your brand; there is no immediate threat and the time and money that goes into literature boosts your overall credibility.

Localised Advertising

Though there is a large reach when advertising online, it can sometimes be difficult if you wish to target people locally and reach an audience that you might not find online. This is where handing out flyers/leaflets in the local area can bring in new customers. It’s also an ideal way to turn those offline customers into online ones, by directing them to your site.

Here at 5874, we believe printed marketing materials are definitely not dead – particularly when it comes to commercial property marketing. A big decision should not be made lightly, and in property, every decision is a big decision.

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