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When property becomes a brand – sell the experience, not the product

We’ve previously talked about how you can create dynamic and engaging content for your commercial property business, but this time we’re talking about how you can sell your property as a brand, rather than a physical space.

What is a brand?

A name is a name, but a brand is perception. A brand is what comes to the consumer’s mind when they hear your brand name – it’s how they perceive the information they have been shown and their thoughts and feelings associated with that information. Of course, you can manipulate these emotions and thought processes through the way you try to sell your brand, and if you get it right, you hit the jackpot.

Creating a brand

When it comes to selling commercial property as a brand, you have to be aware that you are selling the dream, not just a physical space. 5874 recently worked with Heathrow Logistics Park – a 317, 246 sq ft distributions and logistics development – to not only create their site, but all the marketing materials surrounding the project. This meant following a few steps in order to create HLP as a brand that would be recognisable to the relevant agents and potential occupiers.

Create a key message

What makes what you are selling different? The answer should be the key message you use across your marketing materials. There may be many things unique to what you are offering, but pick one and focus your branding around this idea.

With Heathrow Logistics Park located within minutes of the Heathrow cargo terminal, it made sense to create a brand based around this.

5874 utilised the superb location through the HLP logo itself and the various dynamic content available on the site and in other marketing materials. This includes animated maps, airport terminology, drone footage of the surrounding parkland and a video showing the quick and easy journey from HLP to Heathrow cargo terminal. Consistency with the brand is shown through the use of the airplane graphic – the same seen in the logo – across the site. Even if you didn’t read any of the information provided, the visuals alone would give you a great insight into the brand and what is being sold.

Target the right audience

Your audience should be constantly at the forefront of your mind when working on building your brand. You should always ask yourself what your potential occupiers would want to know and what would be the deal breaker to get them to take the next steps.

Heathrow Logistics Park is also within close proximity to Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, which created another potential audience in those wishing to move office space. Tailoring your marketing materials to suit different groups of audiences is a great way to add a bit of fun and personalisation that will get you recognised.

The reality is the dream

It’s important to remember that key message, but you also need to sell the dream by stating the facts. Utilise the information you have to present a case to potential occupiers or agents that their dream is your reality. Heathrow Logistics Park is a multi-million-pound project that offers something unique in its location. With 34,517 – 109,893 sq ft units immediately available and a wide range of impressive specifications, HLP has a lot to offer. By using creative visuals, including a 360 tour available on the website, the goal was to present HLP in a way that made the audience a part of the experience. Through virtual tours, animations and drone footage, you can live the reality of being an occupier.

Have a clear brand identity

Your brand identity is how people know that what they are looking at belongs to you. This is why it’s important to keep consistency across your marketing materials and website as it will help people recognise your brand.

With Heathrow Logistics Park, the colour scheme plays a huge part in making up the HLP brand. This colour scheme is repeated across all marketing materials, along with the logo and the airplane graphic. This also applies to fonts and the style of language used – you should be able to recognise that it’s your brand without the logo or name.

It’s imperative if you deal in commercial property that any projects you work on have their own branding that is repeated across all promotional and marketing materials. Following the above steps will ensure you sell the experience, not the product. If you would like some more information on commercial property marketing, give 5874 a call on +44 (0)121 773 5978, or email us at .

For more information on Heathrow Logistics Park, check out their website here.