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Modern property marketing – are you doing enough?

With the world of marketing going almost entirely digital, there’s one industry that still latches on to its history of paper and signage: property.

While property marketing is changing to adapt with the times, the industry is very much a stickler for tradition, but if agents want to find the right tenants, they’ll need to change how they market to their target audience in this digital age.

From paper to pixels

Property marketing was once posting cards through people’s doors or popping a notice in local shops and businesses in the hope of attracting the right tenants, even in the case of commercial property. While this classic form of marketing isn’t obsolete in the current market, with agents still using direct mail as a way of attracting tenants, it might not be the most effective way to market a property today.

The online world opens up so many possibilities when it comes to targeting the right audience. Your website is your online brochure that can be used to showcase a gallery of images and videos in a way that paper brochures just can’t do. You can also track metrics such as website views and other conversions so you know how well a particular campaign is doing. On top of that, having social media accounts set up for your schemes will increase awareness and allow you to set up retargeted ads that go out to the right people, making your chances of securing tenants even higher.

Get social

Utilising social media is perhaps one of the biggest steps you should be taking as an agent to promote your property scheme, yet many still aren’t using these channels enough. Considering nearly one third of the world use social media, most on a daily basis, it seems like a no-brainer to be using it as a key part of your marketing strategy.

For property in particular, LinkedIn can be an incredibly useful tool to scope out businesses local to your scheme and find tenants who might be interested in taking up a new space. Engagement across LinkedIn in general tends to be higher as professionals network with each other by starting conversations around key topics. It’s not just for recruiters, LinkedIn is a space for building relevant connections and reaching a wider audience of people within your industry.

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As an agent, you should be actively engaging with people, commenting on posts and sharing anything posted on your company page. You should also set up a business page for your property scheme which you can use to build awareness prior to completion through teaser posts and construction images/videos.

This kind of content is imperative for being able to promote your scheme to a whole group of people that you may not have known about if you stick too close to classic forms of commercial property marketing.

By using social media and your website to build awareness of your scheme, your campaigns will reach more people and you’ll find that prospective tenants list building.

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