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Make your marketing personal

3 minute read

There was a time when personalised marketing materials could be seen as intrusive by consumers, but it’s now something people are no longer surprised by, in fact, many now hope to see more of a personalised approach by brands. Given the amount of content we are exposed to on a daily basis, consumers are often overloaded with generic adverts that don’t suit their desires or needs, making it much easier for them to scroll past.

If brands focused more on developing a personalised marketing strategy, they would be much more likely to catch the consumer’s attention when they are scrolling through the daily irrelevant content. While businesses are catching on to this idea by delivering tailored experiences based on the segmentation of audiences, this information can only go so far, and many brands are still getting it wrong.

Make it valuable. Make it relevant.

Despite GDPR and consumer privacy, customers are still willing to share more personal details about themselves if it means they are to get a more personalised experience. Take clothes shopping as an example; personal shopper experiences are becoming more common in the fashion world because it means the customer receives advice individual to them, rather than having access to thousands of outfit options with little guidance as to what will suit them and their style. The key with personalisation is to make your content valuable and relevant. Thinking of consumers as individuals rather than consumer groups will ensure you provide a greater customer experience.

Take the first step.

So how are you supposed to create marketing that suits every single one of your customers? While this sounds like a lot of work, the reality is, it can easily be done with a CRM to analyse customer data. By legally collecting more in-depth information across multiple platforms, you will then be able to collate this data and provide a more tailored experience. This works particularly well in eCommerce by sending customers recommendation emails based on their previous purchases. The key thing to remember is to always let your customers know why you need certain data from them.

Adjust your strategy.

Developing a more personalised consumer experience isn’t a one-time deal, if you’re going to do it, you need to own it, and that’s across the entire business. The brand should have its own identity, so it’s always important to be consistent across your materials. It’s also important you know what you are trying to deliver by focusing on a more personalised approach. A coupon code for their birthday is expected. Try going a little deeper, without coming across as creepy. Product recommendations, relevant blog pieces and tone of voice are all ways you can improve customer experience.

Take a step back and assess whether your current marketing strategy is working for you and if it’s going to stand up next to the competition. If you need assistance with your content marketing or social media, get in touch by emailing or calling us at 0121 369 5874.