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Is your content going stale?

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If your digital marketing strategy is up to date, chances are you’ve been producing content for a while now. Publishing content on a regular basis in the form of blog posts or across your social media channels, is a great way to improve your search engine rankings while providing your visitors with something informative, useful and interesting to keep them coming back for more. The trouble is, after a while, content can go stale and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with an original idea.

Why should you bother?

Sure, your strategy might be working. You’re getting the hits, your site ranks higher than ever before, so what’s the problem? Your old content is quite simply, old. It might not even be relevant anymore, or you might find that your business has changed so much that what you’ve put out there in the past is no longer an accurate representation of your brand. Is this old content making the right first impression?

It’s also worth noting that refreshing your old content also gives you a full content calendar. You don’t have to struggle for new ideas constantly if you can simply repurpose and refresh old ideas into new, more up-to-date pieces.


Where to begin repurposing your old content

Keep note, this does not mean you should be duplicating your content and reposting. If your old content has gone stale, you need to give it new life. Tackle the subject from a new angle, feature different products or change the format the topic was originally posted. Don’t just copy.

KeywordsDo some research into your top keywords and the pages that rank well for them. Update your content to reflect any changes and go through any pages that aren’t ranking well and give them a keyword update.

Mobile-friendlyAre your pages and images optimised for mobile? This could be letting you down when users visit your site or social media channels. Think about the images you’re posting and your page layouts and how they would be seen on mobile.

New formatCan it become a video? An infographic? Think about how you can repurpose your old content into a new format. Take that high-ranking blog post and turn it into some graphics for social media or a short, animated video.

Research A topic you discussed previously might include outdated facts and figures. This is the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and start making changes so that your content actively reflects current trends and topics. Make it count and make it relevant so that users can see you are continually on the pulse of all the latest news.

Fresh perspective – Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to be able to see your content in a new light. Calling in expert help can also ensure you are delivering the right messages and not just stuck in an endless cycle of publishing the same ideas over and over again.

If you feel your content is going stale and want to update your current offering with something new and modern, our content marketing specialists work on producing engaging blogs, videos and social media graphics that will keep your customers coming back time and time again. For more information, give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email