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How to produce a quality property brochure

The foundation of any great property marketing campaign is often an expertly designed quality brochure. Despite digital taking over in most industries, a brochure is still a solid marketing tool in the property industry, with it often forming the pillar of your brand that all other marketing materials, including a website, stem from. A great brochure sent to prospective buyers and agents ensures they are engaged and alerted of your brand in ways that an unopened email can’t.

We spoke to our property expert, Richard Peachey, to get a few tips on his process when designing the commercial property brochure for Uxbridge Industrial Park.


“The first thing to ask yourself is if there is an existing identity/name. If not, you will need to start the process of producing and designing some brand guidelines, as well as a name that matches the industry. Think about colours, shapes and imagery – all of this should be presented in a way that makes your identity and brand immediately recognisable”

Target Audience

“When designing a property brochure, you have to constantly be considering your target audience. You are selling this property to potential buyers/agents/tenants, so you need to make sure that your brochure features everything that would appeal to the needs of those individuals. You wouldn’t target millennials for city centre apartments using the same brochure targeting the elderly – think about your audience and design around them”

Size and Format

“This may seem obvious, but it’s a vital part of designing a brochure. Choosing the layout is key to optimising your brochure around your property type. A big shed is easier to present in landscape and a skyscraper in portrait. Think about what images you’ll be using and how they will best look presented. Also remember that if you are distributing by post, how much it will cost to ship will vary depending on the size and shape – keep in mind your budget through the design process so you don’t produce a brochure that is too expensive to ship”



“You should always be keeping an eye on your competition, especially since the property industry is extremely competitive in general. As much as you want to know what they are doing and producing, you don’t want to replicate. Stay on brand and in context of the industry, but don’t be afraid to create something different and stand out against your competitors”

Corporate Considerations

“With property, chances are there are multiple investors in a project, this means that there may be different voices and guidelines to follow when creating a brochure. It’s also worth noting this as an investor hiring a creative agency to design a brochure, that every single investor has given clear and precise guidelines”



“It’s pretty much a given that digital versions of the brochure should be produced for web, but make sure it’s easily accessible and downloadable at a compressed size – while still being good quality”

If you’re looking for a creative agency to produce a quality brochure for your next commercial property project, our experts have extensive experience and have worked with a large range of clients, including Aviva Investors, Legal & General Investment Management, Graftongate and BlackRock. For more information, call us on 0121 369 5874 or email