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How to organise a property scheme launch event

Launching a property scheme is no easy feat. From developing the brand to building an online presence and pushing out your scheme to prospective agents and tenants, it’s a long process – and that’s not even taking into account the actual build of the property itself!

As commercial property marketing experts, we have taken on many schemes from dust to completion, following through on each stage of the marketing process involved with promoting large scale property projects. Often, one of the most exciting and daunting tasks can be coming up with a creative launch event to showcase the spaces to let. Follow our tips below for how to pull off a successful property launch event.


This may sound fairly obvious, but the location of your event should be at the scheme itself. Make use of the empty space while there are no tenants and plan your event so that it fits in with being able to showcase the property. 


Who will you be inviting? You should already have a database of prospective agents and tenants but you may want to build on this further by including any consumer data secured through your marketing efforts or through your website. Create a persona for your ideal tenant and use this information later on to think of a launch idea.


Schedule it in

Time and date are also important here. Think about who you will be inviting to the event and when they are most likely to attend. Depending on the time of day or year, you may want to pick a launch idea that suits the season or links with a particular current event. You’ll also ideally want to pick a date that fits in with your plans for the scheme. If the build isn’t complete, you’ll likely have to supply a high vis and hard hat for each guest!


Get social

Build awareness of your event through social media and email marketing campaigns. Create teaser posts of what can guests can expect on the day and create a short and snappy hashtag so they can join in. You could even hold a competition prior to the event where one person who shares your post will receive a prize – this is a great way to build awareness and get more engagement on your posts. 

Make it fun

Commercial property can be quite a serious industry but a launch event is when you can have a bit more fun. Give your guests something to do other than just walking around a large empty space. Games and food are always a good shout, but if you want to be a little more creative, try and give the event a theme that either links back to the scheme and its location or a current world event. Make the event memorable.

Keeping it simple, fun and competitive is always the aim, but remember to keep it on message and make it relevant

Richard Peachey, Client Services Director, 5874

A different kind of take-away

You’ll want to make sure your guests leave with all the information they need, including your contact details, but how you present this can be just as important as the event itself. Whether it’s a flyer in a goody bag or a personalised prize for winning a game, make it interesting. Make sure whatever it is is branded with your logo.

Capture it all

A launch event is a great photo opportunity. You’ll want to make sure you have a photographer and/or videographer on site at the event to capture as much as possible. This makes for great social media and website content, as well as giving your guests the opportunity to tag themselves and share across their own profiles. You can also use the images as part of a press release that can be sent out post-event for another great marketing opportunity. Coverage is key.

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