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How to nail your USP in property

You may already think you’ve got your USP nailed and that there’s nothing more we could possibly tell you – in reality, a lot of property agents miss out on the real unique selling point of their business. Sure, there are certain factors that would have been considered before the brick has even been laid, after all, the property industry means business and well-thought out investments are key to success. Though, there is often something still missing.

The meaning of USP

Before you can figure out what yours is, you need to know what it is. A USP is not that you are the ‘latest development’, as that would be short-lived. Your USP needs to be what you can hold over your competitors – the headline that grabs the attention of your potential tenants.


Finding your USP is easier said than done. It’s highly unlikely these days that we come across a service that is totally unique. It can be difficult to find a way to sell yourself over your competitors, but the best way to do this is to understand that you are not just selling a space or a building, you’re selling the experience.

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What is so special about your property? What can you offer that no one else can? Ideally, this is something that will come prior to the development of a property, but sometimes, a USP can reveal itself later on in the process. It’s never too late to rethink your marketing strategy and adjust how you promote your property. Look at what your competitors are doing and try and go one better.

We spoke with our resident property marketing expert, Richard Peachey, to get his tips on nailing your USP in the property industry.

‘Focus on the end user’

Audience research is a key step to understanding what it is that people want and what will make them choose your property over another space. Put the desires and needs of potential tenants at the heart of your marketing strategy so your USP connects with them directly.

‘Location is always the prime appeal’

At the end of it all, if there is a large market for office spaces on the outskirts of London, there’s no point selling distribution units in Newcastle to this same market. Understand what is needed and where. Property and location go hand-in-hand, so really make sure you build upon selling your location. If there are numerous competitors nearby, think about what you can offer instead. Onsite amenities such as shops and parking are a must-have. Is there a rural setting or a place to escape from industrial spaces? What are the transport links like? Can you offer a free shuttle service? Get that edge on your competitors.

‘It’s all in the details’

Whether it’s your square footage or your eaves height, the details can be so important in selling your property. They can make all the difference in why someone chooses you over your competitor. Another important factor to consider is technology and how you are using it in your space. Everyone enjoys the latest gadgets, but tech can play a huge part in the making of a building. Take environmental factors into consideration – is there LED lighting? How about solar panels? Electric vehicle points? These can be important factors into someone deciding on tenancy at your property. These details show that a lot of thought has gone into your project, which is something you can definitely use as your USP.

If you’re struggling to get your message seen and understood, we can help. With decades of experience in the property marketing industry, we have the valuable know-how to push your USP and get your property seen by the right people. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email