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Finding your voice in Commercial Property

Commercial property is a competitive industry, which means that it can be easy for companies to get lost online amongst the herd of brands all fighting for your attention. The positive side of the property industry is that the offering will often have a USP that fits well for a particular audience. Though that doesn’t mean you should shy away from building an online persona, because memorable content and a distinctive voice will put your property at the top of the leaderboard.

What is in a voice?

Your voice is your brand. It is how you are represented online and how consumers recognise who you are. We know creative branding provides the visuals behind who you are, but language and tone of voice are also key to building loyalty and making your content memorable.

Think about how many brands you see with their own social media profiles and how each of these have their own approach with the topics they address, the language they use and how they interact with consumers. The heart of your brand is effectively whoever is behind the keyboard typing away under the name of your company. Though it may seem crazy to think that your entire brand persona is at the helm of social media, it is such a vital part of setting you apart from others in the industry.

Developing a voice

Are you inspiring? Funny? Formal? In order to create your voice, you need to know what your brand stands for and who you are talking to, as these will both influence the way you are represented online. It’s important that with whatever you decide, you are consistent in your language as this will build trust and familiarity.

What’s your mission? This should be your main focus at all times. You’re in a competitive market so what have you got that is different to everyone else? Perhaps the only thing different that you can offer is your brand personality and how you interact with consumers, in which case, it’s even more important that you get it right. It’s all about communicating your message in the right way, keeping your brand values at the forefront of everything you do.

When it comes to the specific language you use, this is where you really need to know your audience. Are they looking to be inspired? Then use emotive, ambitious language. Do they have lots of questions? A friendly and informative tone should be used. Think about how your consumers speak and find the right balance between mimicking them and being professional. Just whatever you do, don’t go down the overly formal or technical route as this can come across as dull and cold. You can be informative without losing your identity.

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