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Evolution of digital marketing in Commercial Property

We all know that digital marketing is forever changing to include the latest social platform and algorithm changes. As technology becomes more advanced, so does the desire of our audiences to see new and inventive ways we showcase our products and services. This is particularly relevant in the commercial property industry, given that the product being sold is a much bigger investment than a pair of trainers, for example.


As the industry evolves to keep up digitally, we’re seeing more and more new techniques being used, but whether they work effectively or not is yet to be discovered. In the meantime, here are a few ideas that should be kept on your radar to include in your digital marketing strategy.  

Live chat – You’ve probably already seen these on various sites, a pop-up box in the bottom right hand corner which allows you to instantly communicate and get the answers you need. Often run by bots, these free up your time in filtering through enquiries.


Virtual reality – Still in the early experimental phrase, virtual reality will be massive in the property industry. Being able to offer the experience of a space before it’s even been built will be an incredible marketing tool, but will also require significant investment to work efficiently.


Webinars – Web-based video conferences can be a great way to interact with people across the globe. Webinars can be a great way to build contacts and get your knowledge of the industry out there to the masses without having to spend a fortune. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your latest property projects.


Mobile experience – Mobile is the future. Not only is important to make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile, you should also be thinking about loading speeds and the overall user experience. We live in an instant world, information should be readily available and accessed as quickly as possible.

Phone alerts – Given that we carry our phones with us at all times, mobile alerts can be a great way to alert any potential buyers of new properties or spaces they might be interested in. In the same way notifications work with apps, alerts will be able to provide quick information that has to be seen before it can be deleted.


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