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Current Trends in Commercial Property Marketing

As we leave another year behind, it’s time to take a look at what’s been trending in the commercial property marketing industry, and what we expect to see more of in the upcoming year.

Instant Responses

We live in a digital age where we expect to find the answers to our questions instantly, and as the property market becomes more competitive, so does the need to make sure you get to potential renters and agents first. While it can be unrealistic to answer a query instantaneously, there are methods such as auto-response tools which can provide an automated acknowledgement until you are able to give a personal response. This can help ensure you establish a connection and keep the individual interested.

Virtual Tours

We’ve mentioned previously how important photography is for your commercial property marketing, but as are virtual tours and drone footage. Giving potential renters and agents the opportunity to see the space, inside and out, without having to be there in person, will not only save everybody time and effort, but also give you the opportunity to sell the experience through carefully crafted video footage. Aerial shots and insider details will help you project the dream on to potential investors and give your property the selling potential it deserves.


HTML Over Print

Print marketing is still relevant in commercial property marketing, but we are seeing an increase in HTML campaigns.  Email campaigns make it much easier to follow upon leads, particularly with the help of software such as HubSpot and Lead Forensics. This allows you to target individuals specifically and keep documentation on any interested parties to target again for future campaigns.

More Branded Assets

Expect to see more signage, digital ads and other marketing materials, as brand is everything. You are not just selling your property, you are also selling your brand, so it’s important to ensure you have a presence in the real and online world. Reinforce your brand and you’ll see more people chasing you, instead of you chasing them.

Above are just a few trends we expect see becoming more prominent in the commercial property market next year. If you would like some more assistance on your commercial property projects, 5874 have extensive marketing experience and have worked with a large range of property clients. For more information, give us a call on (0121) 773 5978 or email