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Commercial Property: Getting your logo right

A logo is the crux of your whole brand. Everything from the colour scheme to the iconography used will impact how your entire brand is seen and the marketing materials produced around your projects. Though this can be applied to all industries, it’s particularly important in the ever-competitive commercial property world. Our resident property marketing expert, Richard Peachey, outlines why a property logo is particularly important, he says: “Its’ a differentiator – a hook, otherwise a building or a shed can look very much the same.”

Your branding hangs off your logo and should be the image that sums up your brand values overall. All it takes is a glance to either stay in someone’s memory or be lost forever, so it’s essential you get it right. Consulting experts in the property marketing industry will ensure your logo brings together all elements of your brand and make sure you get noticed. After speaking to some of our experienced designers here at 5874, here are their top things to consider when designing a commercial property logo:

Look for inspiration in everyday life

The great thing about designing a logo is that you can get creative and take inspiration from everyday things. With commercial property being a competitive industry, it’s important to distinguish yourself yet still fit in. Look at the surroundings in the location of the property, is there an element that stands out? Use it and embrace the everyday!

Limited colour scheme

The nature of the industry is that there is a limited colour scheme to use. In property, logos tend to stick 2 two colours, with occasionally one secondary colour. This then means many logos could end up using the same primary colours, which can make designing a new logo that stands out really difficult. The trick is to use colour in a different way, taking different tones and making combinations that pair together well. It’s also important to remember that the colours will have to work well on different colour backgrounds as it could be used across a variety of marketing materials and in different locations.

Simple is often best

Commercial property logos shouldn’t have to be elaborate. Often, simple designs work best and make your logo and brand more recognisable. Using simple shapes will ensure your logo works well in different formats. It’s best to keep in mind that the logo will need to be displayed in print, on signage and in digital formats, so keeping to simple shapes will ensure it is works well across the board.

If you’re looking for a logo redesign or help developing your brand for a new commercial property project, give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email