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Coming up with a Name for Your Property Scheme

It’s difficult to try and be original when it comes to naming property schemes. Many agents will try to stick to a certain theme or pull information from the local area, naming the scheme after a nearby street or town – that’s if the name is still available.

As property marketing experts, we have worked on numerous property projects, seeing the scheme through from the naming process to securing tenants. This means we know exactly how challenging coming up with a name can be, especially as it has to stand the test of time and be agreed upon by everyone involved with the scheme.  

Do your research

Before you can get creative and start work developing the branding materials, you need a name. A name that doesn’t exist and a name that fits well for your scheme and the local area. It’s hard to just pull a name out of nowhere, so start by researching the local area, find out what already exists and if there are any unique identifiers in the community. Think rivers, parks, memorials and the history of the place. These can often lead to an idea for a name that still has ties to the surrounding area.

Other areas of research can go into notable people who were born or lived in the area of the property. You can use surnames or even pieces of literature and art as inspiration behind your name. Even if the majority of people won’t recognise the correlation, it’s a good starting point for you to get creative and get some words on paper.

Your name also needs to have some sort of signifier as to what it is. Is it an industrial park? A business hub? Whatever it is, this needs to be a part of your name somehow. It doesn’t have to be completely literal, but it does need to sound professional and is at least a small nod to it being a property scheme of some sort.

Think ahead

So, you’ve got your list of names and they all sound great, but how well do they really transfer to becoming a part of your actual branding? When deciding on a name, it’s important to keep in mind that it will then need to be turned into a logo with a colour scheme and then used across various marketing materials. If the name is too long, it could be difficult to create a logo that is easily readable. A name that comes with associated iconography might be a better choice over others as this can be used to come up with a more relevant and creative design.

Once you have your name, it’s important you register the names and social as soon as possible.

It’s not easy trying to stand out and create something that is entirely unique, but it can be done with some clever research and tactical decision-making. For more help developing your property projects including help with brochures, web development and digital marketing support, get in touch with us today by calling 0121 369 5874 or emailing